Akshay Bhoraskar
Anna Butter
Saarang Gaggar
Claudio Lazo 
Marc Lenz
Arrate Martinez Prego

impact case

Decrease the amount of people in Poverty because they can’t pay energy bills. The TNO data solution for municipalities can detect people who live in energy poverty so they can be provided with the right means of support, whilst protecting their privacy

We want to solve energy poverty in the Netherlands to the largest extent possible, by giving  municipalities data-driven insights so they can give the right support to the right people at the right time. 

The Energy Poverty Insights Computation – Dashboard (EPIC – Dashboard) 

Around 650,000 households in the Netherlands suffer from energy poverty, which is caused by high energy bills and inflation. The people affected by this tend to avoid heating their house, stop cooking or even stop taking showers. They experience serious mental, physical and emotional stress, which directly affects their health.

“The people affected tend not to heat their homes, stop cooking or even stop showering.” 

The Dutch government has allocated budget to municipalities to provide support, but GDPR constraints make it difficult to identify which citizens should get what type of support. Besides this, municipalities currently lack the manpower and tools to track effectiveness and impact of energy poverty-targeting policies.

To solve this, we developed the Energy Poverty Insights Computation – Dashboard (EPIC – Dashboard) which shows municipalities who they need to target with what kind of help, and track how effective their policies are. The insights shown in the dashboard are obtained by combining datasets from different parties, that we are able to combine in a safe way by using privacy enhancing technologies.