Small Act, Big impact


Guntars Upis
Joram Knigge
Omar Hamraz
Xinthia Krielaart
Vera Dekkers

impact case

‘Small act, big impact’ challenges will help employees to create sustainable habits by providing sustainable alternatives and giving them incentives supported by an app.

The Small act, Big impact program creates a positive impact by engaging and incentivising employees in sustainability challenges to address urgent global challenges, such as reducing CO2 emissions and waste, and fostering behavioral change towards more sustainable practices.
he “Small act, Big impact” program aims to engage employees of organizations, like PwC, in challenges that contribute to achieving their sustainability goals. The program takes a bottom-up approach to sustainability, believing that employees can make a significant impact. By participating in the challenges, employees can develop sustainable habits, leading to a culture shift towards more sustainable practices in the workplace and at home. Incentives offered for participating in the challenges can help promote positive changes, such as increasing the use of sustainable transportation options. For example, if 1000 PwC employees engage in the challenges, the program could save 27 tonnes of CO2 and 400 kg of paper in a month. Over time, this impact could be multiplied if other companies adopt the program as well. Small actions can collectively make a big impact towards creating a more sustainable future.