Boost your business!


Chantal van Dijke
Linda Vogelsangs
Koen Kallenberg
Minouk Steehouder
Myrtle Monseurs

impact case

Boost your business! makes starting a business easier and more fun, and at the same time decreases the risk of poverty within the target group.

60% of the entrepreneurs in the Netherlands live in poverty. This causes stress, health problems, loneliness and shame. A surreal situation which can develop at a young age, and often leads to an opportunity gap. Education level determines the chance of poverty; the lower the level of education the higher the risk of poverty is. Our business case aims to help young, starting entrepreneurs with a ‘mbo’ education to create a business which is viable and future proof. In the aim that they will not end up like so many other entrepreneurs; with financial difficulties. Boost your business! is a unique starter program where young entrepreneurs are coached to give their company a boost. In an inspiring, accessible and affordable way they will gain knowledge and build a network of local entrepreneurs. They also have the chance to win seed capital – to really boost their business!