groen herstel


Melissa Prins
Ozan Ozkan
Heather Engelen

impact case

‘Groen Herstel’ supports 3000+ SME’s Owners (MKB) in making their offices sustainable. When a damage claim is submitted, Centraal Beheer offers sustainable alternative services and a digital sustainability shop for example isolation in a damaged floor. This will save 64 million tons of CO2 per year.

We want to save 64 million tons of CO2 per year and keep at least 3000 entrepreneurs more futureproof through sustainability.

Entrepreneurs have had some tough years. After talking to dozens of entrepreneurs, we concluded that two major issues are currently in play: Labour market and the energy crisis.

After some further research, we also came to the conclusion that both issues are seen as a ‘crisis’. In other words, something that will be solved and we have to sit it out. However, if you dive further into these problems, you can see that what lies underneath. It is not a crisis but calls for a shift in a business. To maintain focus, we chose the energy crisis and how we can play our part in it.  After talking to experts on sustainability among SMEs, we came to the following conclusion: SMEs are not yet taking action around sustainability, often because it still feels like a big risk for the entrepreneur. They worry about the time it costs, the knowledge they need to decide which sustainability method is right and last but not least find a right partner to execute their sustainable plan.

So that is where we step in. We want to help SME entrepreneurs with a commercial building with 3 to 20 employees. Our solution is a digital sustainability shop, like coolblue, with various solutions for SME’s to make their properties more sustainable such a solar panels, water pumps and insultation solutions.

There are two ways to reach ‘Groen Herstel’. First of all, when one of our customers submits a claim because there is a damage on their site. Our damage expert will help our customer repair the damage but also show the customer the sustainable solutions in our shop. Besides that, entrepreneurs who are looking for sustainable solutions, not necessarily our customers, will be able to visit our website too.